Grant Guidelines


Any New Mexico library may apply (public, academic, school, special or private). Additionally, non-profit groups that directly benefit NM libraries may apply. Grant applications must clearly demonstrate that the libraries will benefit from these funds.


Grants are available to libraries in New Mexico and/or related institutions in partnership with libraries for the improvement of information services.


Grants must be used in a manner that follows the NMLF Mission Statement and that enhances library service in New Mexico.


Grants will be provided to build and maintain collections, update information access technology, and enhance library programs. Funding will NOT be considered for:
  • Normal operating expenses
  • Salaries for regular staff
  • Employee benefits
  • Construction
  • Endowment funds

Criteria for evaluating proposals

Please read the following criteria carefully.  Trustees will be evaluating all grants based on the following information.
  • Is the proposed project an appropriate fit with the Foundation’s mission statement?
  •  Is there demonstrated need and demand for the proposed project?
  • Does the proposed project substantially and positively impact the organization’s customers?
  • Will the proposed project benefit a meaningful number of people?
  • Does the organization have the sufficient internal resources, including qualified staff, to successfully undertake the proposed project?
  • Has the proposed project been thoroughly developed and carefully planned?
  • Have the organization’s stakeholders (those expected to benefit) been consulted in development of the project? 
  • Is the budget for the proposed project detailed, realistic, cost effective and commensurate with the objectives?
  • Is the Foundation’s funding a significant or meaningful contribution to the project?
  • Has an outcomes evaluation plan been developed for the proposed project?
  • Is the Foundation the most appropriate source of funding?


NMLF will not consider grant applications that are not fully and accurately completed.
Awards will not exceed $1000.00. It may be necessary for the grantee to adjust its proposal if the grant is not fully funded. Grantees will be notified when grants have been awarded. 

The NMLF grant process is competitive.  The Foundation awards funding to approximately 20% of grant applicants in a typical year.

Here are two examples of successful grant applications, generously shared with you by Rio Abajo Community Library and Albuquerque Public Library.

Grant Compliance

NMLF will not consider grant applications that are not fully and accurately completed. Grantees must submit an Application for Grant Funds and a Grantee Final Report in accordance with the time frame outlined in the Project Description.

Grant Submission

Questions should be sent to: