NMLF immigration and citizenship by investment

Thanks to the massive success of Portugal’s Golden Visa Program many countries around the world have started to develop their own versions of the same residency by investment program. They are even offering similar funding options, such as Portugal has with real estate and the Portugal Golden Visa Investment Fund.

One country in particular that has found recent success with its equal Golden Visa Program is Spain. Spain has one of the greatest and easiest to navigate residence by investment programs offered in all of Europe, and foreign investors have started to notice this.

Spain offers three options if you wish to obtain residence by investment. The options vary depending on the amount of money you want to invest and where you desire to place your money. The procedures and protocols are the same with every option.

The first option, and the most popular one, is to invest half a million Euros (€500,00) in approved real estate in Spain. This is a fantastic option for those foreign investors who desire to live in Spain during the five year period in which they qualify to become a citizen.

What is also great about this option is that once you become a citizen of Spain and obtain your second passport, you can sell your house and make a profit. The only condition is that the house is owned in your name during the entire five year citizenship-qualification period.

This real estate path is the cheapest option offered by Spain. A little more expensive than Portugal’s Golden Visa Program, but just as easy to obtain. The good news is that Spain’s real estate market has been on the rise lately and experts predict that this trend will continue growing.

Another option is to deposit €1,000,000 into a pre-existing company in Spain. Besides making the deposit you also have to prove that your investment is creating jobs and making a positive economic impact in Spain.

The same amount can be deposited into a pre-approved Spanish bank and, depending on the circumstances of your finances, you can get your Golden Visa approved. The money needs to stay in the bank for at least five years.

Lastly, you have another type of investment which will allow you to qualify for the Spanish Golden Visa. You must make an investment of €2,000,000 into the Spanish public debt fund. This investment requires the least amount of due diligence, but it is one of the most expensive ones offered in Europe.

It should be mentioned that in order to qualify for these types of residency by investment programs, you must have all of your affairs in order. Your finances must be strong and secure and you must have zero criminal activity in your background record. Once your investment is approved and all your documentation and finances are in order, you can become a resident of Spain in as little as three months.

Depending on the type of investment you made, the minimum days you must stay in Spain may vary. If your investment is business-related, only a short visit will be necessary as long as you keep the business running and create employment. You should take this into consideration before applying for the Spanish Golden Visa.

One incredible perk that Spain offers is that you can bring your family with you, as long as you can prove that you can financially support them as well. There is no limit to how many dependents you can include in your application.

Spain’s Golden Visa is one of the most accessible in all of Europe. You can become a citizen of Spain in just a few years and enjoy all the benefits this entails. Spain is one of the most beautiful countries in all of Europe, so if you are interested in calling the country your home, you are advised to hurry and begin the process to become a resident through investment.